M200 Plus Platform Stutters When Homing

Brand new out of the box M200 Plus. The platform shakes and stutters when it is homing. This happens when you try to manually calibrate, autocalibrate or start a print job.

I can manually move the platform up but it stutters when it goes down to the bottom.

When you try to manually calibrate, during the homing step the platform stutters and then you can not continue calibrating.

When you try to autocalibrate, the platform stutters then you are asked to tighten all the screws. You can press next and the platform will go up to the nozzle.

When you try to print a job, the platform stutters when it is homing, then it thinks it’s near the nozzle but there is a 6" gap so filament extrudes into air.

I have taken a video. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rFQ1DcdhbrM8ig28fSSoJQgiWIxqRjA1/view?usp=sharing

Hello Elena,

please check if the heatbed cable is firmly plugged into the platform and the adapter. If everytyhing is fine - there might be a problem with the Z axis motor (it could have got damaged in transport). Therefore, please check if you can move the platform all the way up and down via Menu (Settings -> Platform). Moreover, you can examine the motor for any sign of damage (the wire might have got loose as well).

Best regards

Hi Karolina,

Thank you for the response. Our company has decided to return the defective unit and purchase a new M200 plus. Hopefully the second one does not have this issue.

Thank you,

Hi Elena,

thank you for your reply. We do apologize for the inconveniences caused. I really hope that another unit will not cause major issues.

Best regards