M200 Plus Remote Spool Holder

Hi guys,

Been working on this for a while on and off and finally finished it.

Spool holder with adjustable heights for variable size filament spool diameter/widths.

Basic parts needed to buy,

1 x T8 (2mm) lead screw (ebay)

2 x T8 Anti-Backlash Nut Kit (ebay)

2 x 608ZZ Ball Bearings (ebay)

1 x 1metre ptfe tube (ebay)


1 x 9mmx6mm Body 303 Stainless Steel 16.5N End Force Ball Point Spring Plunger (ebay), for detent the cover for the spool holder.

1 x 3 Core wire/ 3 way molex plug (male/female), for extendeding the filament sensor.

Looks great! Please upload to Zortrax Library or Thingiverse.


I'm not sure what happened but the website accepted the images, but then went blank but I'm sure people will figure out how it goes together....

see missing images below.