M200 Plus startup - freeze freezes freezing (LCD screen)

M200 Plus recently installed, and have changed material. A job froze due to an error, and since then the machine becomes frozen on startup - stuck on either the Z logo, or a screen appears that has the resume last job picture.

I have tried: going back and doing the last two updates; also trying to press resume and cancel the job, but when I do that the user screen shifts to the right and then freezes.

Any advice welcome.
Thank you,

I turned the machine on today and the screen booted up, but then after I pressed the print button on the screen and searched to my folder, the screen froze again. Advice welcome.

Thank you,

Hello, please contact your reseller or fill in the support form. Attach a purchase invoice for the printer, provide the serial number and some pictures/videos of how the printer is behaving when you turn it on. We will provide you with further help.

Thank you in advance.