[M200 Plus] Terrible Fan Noise at start

Hi there,

I noticed on my M200 Plus and on the new M300 Dual that the fan of the electronics does not run properly for the first few minutes after booting. It rattles terribly. There is then the possibility to restart the printer again and again until its fan runs properly, or to knock properly on the table, or to wait a few long minutes.

This cannot be the case with professional printers!

Please advise!



Same problem, with crappy fan…

I n my opinion Zortrax need to send good quality fan replacement for all customer with this problem.

I dislike to send the printer for warranty only for replace a fan.



I have the problem with both the M200 Plus and the M300 Dual.

I have complained about this to Zortrax support and they have been very kind to me. I got new fans delivered and will test them.

Unfortunately, since I have more to repair/replace (another sad topic) I haven’t done it yet.


Hi @alkabal,

Thanks to plenty of video manuals available in our Support Center - it is not necessary to send the printer to our facility in order to replace most of the parts. You can easily do this on your own.

However, in order to officially submit a warranty claim - you should contact your Reseller (the initial place of purchase) first. In case of any questions or doubts - you can always contact Zortrax through the support form.

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Thanks for reply !

I have ordered a noctua fan so I will change myself soon.

If you thinks this is not the good way I can ask for support from supplier.



Unfortunately I started to experience the same problem only yesterday. Indeed - a poor selection of fans it seems. I will try to revive it but might be getting the noctua fans as well.


Could you tell me wich model do you use?
Noctua make only 12v fan ??