M200 PSU fan noice for 5 minutes at power on



the PSU fan is making a big noice when the M200 is just powered on.
and it each time it seems longer…

Could you tell me what fan type to buy to replace it ?

Thank you.

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You can purchase a spare part from your local reseller or contact us via support form.

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I can’t find it in France, only motherboard FAN or extruder.
But not the PSU part… Maybe you don’t sell PSU FAN only but all new PSU ?


I am sorry, I thought you were referring to to the 70x70 fan underneath the bottom plate. Yes, the PSU fan cannot be purchased separately - you need to ask your reseller for the PSU (service part).


Ok so I’ll open the PSU and find a corresponding FAN on Amazon or Ebay… Thanks.