m200 won't update firmware

I was using firmware 1.0.0. I noticed v.1.0.1 on the website, downloaded it to a clean SD card, popped it into the m200 and got a terrible surprise:

The screen now shows this:

Zortrax Bootloader v1

SN: <my SN here>

Please insert memory card

with newest Update.bin file!

You can download it from:


Now, i've tried other SD cards, redownloading the file, powering the printer off/on, removing power plug, everything I can think of, but it just keeps the message indefinitely.

I can’t use my printer because of this stupid bug. It doesn’t let me acces a menu, abort the update message, anything:(

How do people downgrade their firmware? (I’ve seen it mentioned when a new firmware is bugged)

I’ve sent a support form, but I’m hoping someone here has a solution, as I’m in the middle of 2 projects!


The same way you upgrade the firmware, just copy an older firmware version into your sd card and power up the printer

I believe that you've already contacted us through Support Form. 

That's correct.

The case is soon to be resolved! :slight_smile: