M200 worst 3D printer ever!


I currently have an Ultimaker 2+, an Ultimaker 2, a Prusa MK3, an original Prusa, an Ender3 Pro, a £250 Balco printer and a £60 fake Chines Prusa kit that is a horror show of old parts.

I recently took hold of a M200 - what a pile of rubbish. - the £60 printer is much better.

I cannot believe that a printer of this cost cannot be tweaked on the printer itself mid print.
The build plate is aweful - who wants to print rafts or have bubbly hole on the bottom of their prints these days??
Had problems with the extruder so paid £75 for a new hot end - and it still does not print.
The z Suite software is aweful too - no access to settings to perfect prints.

What a waste of money!

I could have bought 5x Ender3 for less money and used the awesome Cura software to perfect my models.


Hahah u made my day bro :smiley:


For whats its worth, when I got my M200 years ago it was one of the few 3d printers that you could just plug in and use…and not constantly need to tweak, adjust, maintain, and watch over hoping nothing would go wrong or catch fire. Sure, there have always been much more hackable and user customizable printers, but I don’t believe that was ever the goal here (although they have opened up way more user setting over the years). Some of us just want to hit print and get on with their work day. I have several printers as well but my M200 continues to be the workhorse in my shop. Anyway, always glad forums can provide people an opportunity vent online,(you are certainly not alone) but I’m pretty sure all the issues you mention with Z-Suite and a perforated build plate have been discussed for countless years prior to your recent purchase. And if it is printing poorly, just let Zortrax know. For years, I’ve been provided feedback and technical support to diagnose any issue that has come up regardless if I was the original owner or not.

Best of luck.