M200 X Axis 10mm Shift

M200 X Axis 10mm Shift
Hi, my M200 has been getting halfway through a print and failing (spaghetti everywhere).
I have noticed the print shifts approximately by about 10mm in the X axis and then obviously fails.

Jumping to conclusions I have ordered a new stepper motor, but could it be anything else ?

Yes it could be something else.
In my experience it happened 1 time that problem and it was due to the extruder get stuck (hard to move) in some points, expecially corners.
Turn off the printer and move manually the extruder everywhere, you don’t have to feel hard points, it should move free everywhere.
If not, clean axis from old grease and lube them again.


Hi Roby
I will give that a go before I change the motor and I will let you know how I go.


Hey there! Make sure that your printer’s axes are properly maintained: https://support.zortrax.com/m200-axes-maintenance/. Shifting can appear when axes are not greased, so you should start with that. Besides, if it’s one model that shifts, upload it again to SD card and see if the issue persists.

Thank You Marta