M200Plus auto update


I have a Zortrax M200Plus. The printer is connected to internet by ethernet. I can’t update it automatically. Currently the 2.5.11 is installed. When I check updates, the printer said “your printer is update” but the 2.6.0 version is available on your website

What is wrong with the updates?

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Hello @Clemp,

providing that Ethernet connection is stable and you can send the files through Z-SUITE/inCloud - I assume there might have been some problem with the server. Please update the printer via USB to the newest version (2.6.0) - you only need to download the update and copy update.zar2 file onto the USB. The printer should detect the update automatically once you insert the drive. If not - restart it. When the new update has been released - check if the device will detect it. If not - please check the Wi-Fi connection.

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the ethernet connection is OK and we can send files to printer with Z-Suite

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