M200PLUS Pausing isse

I am new to this forum so Hi!
I am having an issue with one of my M200PLUS machines. It has been pausing so very often with different files. The files are working with no issues on my other machine so I know it’s not file related. It did a nearly 2hour print until 92% yesterday then paused. I had to keep resuming to get it to complete the print. It paused over 10 times between 92% and 100&. The error message reads, no material at the endspot but there is??
Can someone help, please?
A big thanks in advance.

Hi, @MadTail.
This sounds like filament endstop issue. Please, disable the endstop in the printer’s menu and let me know if prints still randomly pause.
When did you purchase this printer?

Hi Marta

Thank you for your suggestion, I think it worked! I’m only quite new to this whole 3D printing thing. I work at High School so I am trying to get my skills up to match the students. If only I had this technology to work with when I was at school.
Thanks again.

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Thank you for the information.
If you purchased the printer from a local Reseller, contact them directly for a replacement part.
Otherwise, contact us via support form.