M300+ camera over INCLOUD crashed the printer and my wifi router


Currently running firmware v2.5.5 on M300+.

I have been using the camera preview via Z-suite without problems (wifi used to drop connection but not anymore after putting the wifi dongle on an USB extension). Yesterday I was trying out the inCloud camera preview for the first time - 67% into a ~2day print job.

inCloud camera preview worked fine via a computer on Chrome browser, but wouldn’t work on my Samsung phone with the Samsung browser. I reloaded the inCloud page using the Samsung browser’s “desktop version” which worked (in fact the camera refresh frame rate seemed higher compared to Z-Suite). Next I tried the Chrome browser on my phone which also worked. I went back to the Samsung browser, wanting to try the normal “mobile version” again. As soon as I loaded the printer in inCloud (on the samsung browser) my wifi router hung/stopped working and the printer rebooted. Luckily I could resume the print job (but not without creating a layer artifact).