M300 D troubleshooting

Hi folks, this is Andy from Germany.
Last year, I purchased a used M300D printer.
Now I have following problem: when I want the printer to perform a hotend calibration, an error pops up (couldn’t calibrate second nozzle offset, clean nozzle, make sure proper capsensor is selected and try again).
What is a capsensor?

Another problem is, when I want to insert new material, the hotend unit is not switching between material positions. Seems that there is something wrong but I don’t know what to do. I tried calibration but it didn’t help.

Need help please…
Thank you very much,

Hello Andy,

as for the first issue - I believe you are referring to the automatic platform calibration that involves using the capacitive sensor, right? When exactly does the error occur, do you have any picture/video?

The cap sensor is the sensor which allows the printer to perform contactless platform calibration:

Most of all - what firmware version is installed? If it is not up to date - we strongly recommend updating to 2.6.6 first.

Second problem - the hotend switch calibation (menu → settings) has to be carried out (it involves setting the extruder’s position manually), otherwise the hotends will not be switched correctly. I uploaded the video that may help you underatand this process better.

Finally, once you successfully run both calibrations - you need to do the nozzle alignment.

Best regards,