M300 Daul vs M200 Plus?

I am thinking of buying an M300 Dual to replace my M200 Plus. I don’t have desk space for both. I’d like to use the dissolvable support sometimes, and some of the new materials are only available for the M300 Dual.

My question is, what is the experience of users with print quality between the two? I ask because the M200 allows 0.09mm layer thicknesses while the M300 allows a minimum 0.15mm. On the M200 at least, there is a noticeable difference in print quality between 0.09 and 0.14 settings. There are a few other differences in settings between them. If what I see at 0.14 on the M200 is representative of what I can expect at 0.15 on the M300, I’ll pass on the 300.