M300 Dual alert while calibrating after firmware(2.6.0) update

Hi everyone, I’ve just updated my Zortrax M300 dual to version 2.6.0 and decided to perform the first auto-calibration. During the process, this message appeared: “noisy environment detected: risk of abnormal results”.

Does anyone know what that means?

I appreciate your help.

Hi @Innovabyinvest,

the message indicates that the sensor’s operation could have been affected by some external factor (noise), such as the radio or other background noise.

Best regards

Thank you so much, Karolina, how could I fix this problem?

Hi Innova,

have you tried moving the printer to a different room, or turning all devices that could have generated noise off? If yes - I assume the problem still has not been resolved?

We released 2.6.3 update today - please, install the newest update and let me know if the issue persists. If yes - the cap sensor might be malfunctioning.

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