M300 Dual Camera over INCLOUD or App

Hello everyone,

How is it (if at least) possible to use the camera feature of the M300 Dual in the Zortrax INCLOUD similar to the M200 plus for example? Or is this even planned? The possibility of accessing the M300 Dual camera on the INCLOUD would be a solution, even when still not a good one.

Why is this possible with the M200 Plus for ~2k€ and not for the M300 Dual for ~ 4k5€ ?

I well know that this is a “Plus” Feature, but I don’t see any reason why not with the expensive M300 Dual.

Or is there any possibility to access the camera stream per web or Android?

The Lack of a native Zortrax Android/iOS App is still very painful.
A cheap Printer from China can do this with Octoprint and that very well on top!

I’m facing massive problems with my brand new M300 Dual and need a way to repeatedly overwatch the printing progress or rather the printing quality mobile without the usage of a computer.


Hi Michael,

Thank you for your feedback, I already passed it to the responsible department. We will definitely take all your suggestions into account. However, for the time being - it is impossible to access the camera preview on M300 Dual via inCloud. But we will do our best to implement such a feature in the future.

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Hi Karolina,

Yes, I’ve already had to find that out myself, that the camera doesn’t work in the cloud. You can’t imagine the disappointment that comes with having to find that out on a 5k€ machine this way.

It is sad enough that there is still no Android or iOS app from Zortrax for monitoring 3D printers and probably never will be. But then the paid (if more than one printer) cloud should at least be able to do what the free Octoprint on the Raspberry Pi can do for any cheap Chinese 3D Printer.

So I helped myself again and found a working solution to access the camera stream.

Nevertheless, thanks for the at least quick response.


I’m really disappointed too, how can such an expensive machine not have a basic feature like this?
Also, what’s the point of the camera if I can’t connect to it?

Just like mibauer1701 I’m facing some issues with my M300 Dual and I need to remotely monitor my prints and stop them when something goes wrong, so I tought that inCloud was the solution.
I guess I’m going to place an external ip camera somewhere and monitor my M300 from that one, although it sounds ridiculous.


Thank you for additional feedback. We do understand your concern - all your suggestions have been passed to our specialists who do their best to implement features suggested by Zortrax users. We do appreciate your feedback, and we will definitely take it into account. Please, stay tuned.

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Looks like camera support in cloud for M300 dual and Endureal was added yesterday.

Hi since the new zsuite with in cloud. The camera after 5 mins or so times out and you have to close the window and reconnect. How come it doesn’t stay connected for the whole time i have the window open ? Anyone else having this issue ?


Are you using the inCloud through your web browser or Z-SUITE?

If by Z-SUITE, please try doing it by the old preview through My Devices without logging into the inCloud.

Did you have this problem with the previous version of the Z-SUITE?

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Thanks for the reply. How do you preview not in cloud. The only way I see the camera is click incloud at the top right and then on my device it has a camera preview button. how else do you view it ?

In the old version you clicked device at the top right and the preview window was great as you could full screen it and no it did not disconnect it stayed on the whole time.

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You can do so, by going to preferences and after scrolling down you can uncheck the “Use Zortrax inCloud(…)”, by doing so and saving, you will have My Devices in your top right corner instead of inCloud.

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