M300 Dual - Dual-Extrusion 3D Printer with Large Build Volume


Another question !:thinking:
Where are the filament coils placed ?
At the back of the printer ?
Here is an image of the dual M300 that is strange !
Zortrax team, can you give more explanation ?
Is the filament protected by a cover ? ZORTRAX%20M300%20DUAL


Can the 2nd extruder be used to print a second color (instead of the soluble support, in models that don’t need soluble support)?

It would be nice to print markings in a different color (for contrast), in cases where regular removable support is acceptable (which is usually).

Also - how long is needed for the support to be dissolved away?


https://store.zortrax.com/gb/3d-printers/zortrax-m300-dual :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Marcin, you might wish to change this text after adding an address to the wait list :slight_smile:

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Its fixed already, thanks!


@DavidBarwin Price in the USA starts from 4649 USD.

@Dave92F1 I don’t have details about shipping time frame. I recommend that you contact one of your local Resellers, so they can notify you when M300 Dual is available for purchase. Regarding discounts - I don’t have information about any of such, but it’s worth asking your Reseller for a personalized offer.
As for the second extruder - it can be used for printing support structures only.
Support dissolving time depends on the amount of the supports and how deep they are placed in the model.

@axel Spools are placed at the back of the printer. We’ve equipped it with a material box (with moisture absorber) for Z-SUPPORT Premium to keep it safe from the environment.


OK, but can you give an idea of the typical range of times?

Are we talking about minutes, hours, or days?


Prints from Inventure can be usually cleaned within 1-3 hours. Bigger prints from M300 Dual will probably take a few hours in that case.


Hmm, I assume this might change in the future? What if I need a combination of flexible and standard materials? (It seems I need three extruders… :)) Anyway, no problem, Josefs mmu2s can handle such special cases, I have not such parts that often… Most important factor for me is a pretty stable system as a working horse for z-asa / z-ultrat, like the m200, but with a larger build room and support material.


I don’t have such information, but I can assure you that I give all your suggestions to our specialists. They take them all into consideration, but implementation can take some time. Z-ASA is not available for M300 Dual at the moment, but we’re constantly working to improve our ecosystem :slight_smile:


How do the two nozzles work?
Hope not at a same (Z) height ??? Because then they would destroy the print object. Or do the nozzles work as with Raise3D Pro2 printers with a kind of “lifting” on one of the nozzles that are not in use ???


Hi Marta, any chance Zortrax would consider working with (Mosaic’s Palette) I myself am interested in the Palette 2 Pro and the reason I ask is that it would make Zortrax’s single print head much more attractive. I have 4 Zortrax printers now and it sure would be nice if Zortrax worked with the Mosaic so that I could then use a variety of colors and materials with a single print head and in this case of the dual using water soluble support would be just awesome.


@Korni-M300 No, the nozzles don’t work on the same height. When one is being used for printing, the other one is lifted. We’ve tested this solution, so there’s no need to worry about damaging the prints :slight_smile:

@JarvisKJ I can pass your suggestion to our specialists, but I don’t have any information whether it will be implemented.


I think it won’t work because Palette needs GCode and Zortrax only provides zCodex.


What about Z-ABS with the M300 dual?


We are working to extend material range for M300 Dual, so we will gradually add more material profiles.
At the moment you have Z-ULTRAT Plus available in Zortrax Materials Dual, Z-ULTRAT available in Zortrax Materials Single and ABS-based profile available in Single and Dual External materials option.