M300 Dual - Dual-Extrusion 3D Printer with Large Build Volume


Hello everyone!

We’re excited to show you our newest take on dual-extrusion 3D printing - Zortrax M300 Dual.
It combines large build volume with our LPD Plus dual-extrusion system.
We’ve equipped it with multiple hardware improvements for better control of the 3D printing process. Among them, you can find the capacitive sensor for automatic calibration regardless of the type of build-platform installed or the blackout response system for an automatic save of the printing head’s position.

Visit our website to read more about it: https://zortrax.com/3d-printers/m300-dual/.


Marta i hate you since our previous mails :wink:

I was about to buy an S5 Ultimaker.

But the price is really, really not the same.

So, can you tell me why i have to chose a Zortrax ?


A bob ready to buy


Congratulations Zortrax on your newest offering! Has the price been announced?

As someone who owns and operates 13 M200s now, I’m not happy to see the continuation of the tinted front, side, and top covers. I need to see clearly into my printers for a quick visual inspection without opening each and every one. I find the tint useless and a waste of money, in fact, I replaced them all with clear at work and at home.



Hi, Bob!
Well, we can say you have some prophetic dreams. You should try your luck with some lotteries :slight_smile:

As for the M300 Dual, we’ve equipped it with multiple upgrades that will surely improve your experience and will make your work much easier.
Thanks to capacitive sensor you can install different types of platforms and blackout response system saves information about printing head’s position, so you can continue your work when the power is back on. Besides, with advanced filament control M300 Dual automatically pauses the print when the filament’s jammed, run out, or when the nozzle gets clogged.
Thanks to dual-extrusion system you can 3D print complex models and our Z-SUPPORT Premium (BVOH) has a very fast dissolution rate and leaves no remnants on the model. However, you can still use third-party materials for both single and dual extrusion modes.
I encourage you to read about all the features on our website.

Remember that we’re always here to help in case of any questions, and to support Zortrax users :slight_smile:


Marta, what’s next with Zortrax Inventure? When M200 Dual?


Great news Marta - just in time!

By the way, is Z-ASA supported? Didn’t find it unter dedicated filaments…




Hmmmhhhhh …
I can’t decide (yet) … help me


Thank Marta :slight_smile:


What great timing. Just yesterday I started shopping for a soluble support printer.

I love my Zortrax M200, but supports can be a big problem.

Why should I buy this vs. the BCN3D Sigma R19?


Thank you, David :slight_smile:
I will pass your observation regarding side covers to our specialists.

Regarding the price, I’m waiting for more information at the moment. I’ll let you know as soon as possible.


@mobile4you I don’t have any such information at the moment. Should there be any updates, I will add a post here :slight_smile:

@ByteC All supported materials are listed in specification. We will be gradually extending the range of these materials and printing profiles.


Hi Dave,

tbh I’ve seen a bunch of discussed quality issues in several forums, concerning the R17. The R19 should be better in the meantime, but I lost track the last month. Aside the R19 I was tending to the Raise Pro 2, but a Z M300 Dual might be a game changer for me.


Thanks for the Info Marta. Another question: Would it be possible to equip the new machines with an Olsson Ruby or an equivalent in the near future? There’s a company called Extrudr in my near neighbourhood, I really love their Greentec Pro and Greentec Pro Carbon and other prototype materials.
(Btw, it was Martin from Extrudr who has shown me his M200 several years ago, buying the M200 was a no brainer for me… :))
It would be fine to run this material through one of my Zortrax printers, but after printing one spool, the nozzle is done…


Zortrax M300 Dual uses Z-SUPPORT Premium - BVOH material that has very fast dissolution rate. Supports won’t be a problem anymore :slight_smile:

It comes with many new features, such as:

  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection (you can control the printer via Z-SUITE),
  • its workspace measures 265x265x300 mm (perfect for printing bigger projects or multiple models at once),
  • multiple sensors that ensure effective workflow (among them you can find capacitive sensor for automatic calibration or material jam sensor),
  • blackout response system which detects power outage (so you can continue when the power is back on),
  • third party materials are supported in single and dual extrusion modes,
  • higher maximum printing temperature (for M300 Dual is 310° C/590° F, so you can experiment with more demanding materials).

M300 Dual is as reliable and user-friendly as M200, but it gives much more possibilities. It will definitely extend your production volume and will make printing complex models easy.


Hi, Eric. I’ve listed some of the main features of M300 Dual above. Should you have any detailed questions, feel free to ask. I’ll gladly help :slight_smile:


Another question :slight_smile:

Zortrax announces the availability of a glass tray : how is it attached to the structure?
Can it be removed like the perforated tray?
Can we buy the glass tray as a spare part?
Can we cover these glass trays with lacquer (for PLA), with PEI, with Geckotek or Buildtak?
Could we see pictures of this glass tray?


You can see glass plate on that Timelapse:

It can be removed and swapped with traditional perforated plate. Its going to be available as spare part and its recommended to use some kind of adhesion spray.


@ByteC Unfortunately, I don’t have any information regarding other nozzles.

@axel Zortrax M300 Dual comes with both perforated plate and glass plate and they can be easily swapped. Glass plate can be attached to the heatbed with 6 clamps - 4 in the corners (screwed to the heatbed) and 2 on the sides. We don’t have any more pictures at the moment. Please, take a look at the movie clip that Marcin uploaded :slight_smile:


Looks like early pricing predictions are “… €3,990 ($4,466.61)”. According to the article at: https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/zortrax-reveals-m300-dual-3d-printer-technical-specifications-and-pricing-155027/


I’d like to know when it’s going to ship, and what the US pricing will be.

If there’s a discount for early buyers, I’ll probably buy one.