M300 Dual external materials


I have a question about external materials.

As the outer material works is available for the M300 Dual, I then asked myself the question is it possible to put absolutely all the external filaments or are there any brands that are more suitable for the Zortrax nozzle?

I ask because I am afraid to break my M300 Dual if I take an external material that is not suitable for the M300 dual.

thank you for your reply


I am having the same question.
Also if there is a way to set a different material to the extruder B other than the support premium.



I assume you mean printing with some other model material on the second hotend which is dedicated for the support filament. At the moment, it’s not possible.

Remember that you can change the parameters to print with external filaments. In particular, please follow the manufacturer’s recommendation regarding the extrusion temperature. Other parameters will help you to do some adjustments in order to receive the best quality possible.

We don’t specify which brands work well and which do not. Please feel free to experiment with different brands and let us know about the result.

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