M300 Dual Filaments


I was wondering why on the Zortrax website Z-ASA-Pro filament is listed as usable with the m300 Dual, yet in Z-suite when selecting filament material it is not listed. I understand I can choose external materials and mess around with settings in there, but as I am new to 3d printing while starting out i’d like to be able to use the defaults set by Zortrax.

Also I was wanting to purchase an assortment of different filaments to test out and was wondering if more filaments are going to be supported by the m300 dual in the future. For instance I would like to use Z-Hips which i see is supported by the M300 but not the M300 Dual, I’m guessing I could I still use Z-Hips with the M300 Dual but would have to change settings manually as an external material?


Hi Andrew,

Z-ASA Pro is not available for M300 Dual at the moment. However, please note that our specialists are constantly working on expanding the range of materials that can be used with the machine. If you were to use Z-ASA Pro and Z-HIPS on M300 Dual now - then yes, you would need to change the settings manually. Still, thank you for your feedback - we do appreciate it and will take it into account.

Hey Karolina

ok bad in the mono Print white Zortrax Material we dont can select Hips bad we can load on the printer can check that

Hey there!

Yes, loading process for Z-HIPS is accessible in the firmware, however printing profiles in Z-SUITE are not yet available. We’re working to extend the range of materials for M300 Dual.

Any update on adding Z-HIPS and Z-FLEX to Z-Suite for M300 Dual?

I am a new owner of a Zortrax M300 Dual and am thrilled with it, so far. I have accumulated over 90 hours of printing in 2 weeks, using Z-PETG and Z-Glass (4 parts I designed out of 7 prints, so far…). I have had 1 material jam (due to leaving Z-Glass loaded overnight, leaving residue buildup in nozzle inlet; I mechanically cleaned the nozzle to fix this.) and 1 layer shift (due to 0.3 degree X-axis angle misalignment I fixed using X-axis maintenance procedure.). This is my first 3D printer, so I expected a few user-related glitches, as I learn the limits and best practices of the machine.

I’m interested in trying Z-HIPS and Z-Flex. I know the M300 Dual is capable of printing all Zortrax filament materials, but the optimal printer settings haven’t been fully determined and loaded into Z-Suite, just yet. That’s why I was asking above if there is any update. I have Z-Suite 2.12 and the newest firmware loaded a few days ago (which shows all 15 grades of Zortrax filament materials that can be loaded onto the machine).

I might try manually tinkering with settings to use Z-HIPS, at my own risk. Any material chemistry similarity with another supported filament material would be a likely first start on printer settings. Any recommendations?