M300 Dual, General Problems

Back around 2014 I purchased my first M200 printer. I also purchased an SLA printer. I was impressed with the quality of the prints from the M200. Though I did experience a few problems, mostly corners lifting. I eventually sold the printer a few years later, and the SLA printer. Later, I decided to purchase a used M300, first generation model. At the same time the company I work for purchased a M300 Dual, along with a SLA printer. The M300 Dual created good prints but for the last couple of years we’ve been experiencing all kinds of problems. Clogging nozzles, layer shifting, splitting of layers, etc. My colleague, who is responsible for the maintenance of both printers, has worked hard on solving these problems, yet we’ve not been able to get decent prints off the M300 Dual. Due to severe problems we stopped using the support material (second nozzle). I’ve even printed some of the same parts on my old, used, M300 and the results were far superior than from the M300 Dual. And! I just learned that our French mechanical engineer group (the group I’m in is based in Scotland) have a M300 Dual as well, and they too have been experiencing similar problems.
It appears to me that the M300 Dual has severe inherent problems, much of them very difficult to resolve.
I just finished printing the same part on both our machines, the M300 Dual and on our SLA printer (Formlabs 3). Of course the SLA is far superior, but the part does not warrant being printed on a SLA printer. The part off the M300 Dual is a mess. I’m tempted to print that same part on my home M300. I know I’ll get a far better result.
Has Zortrax seriously looked into the problems inherent of the M300 Dual? All of the recommended fixes by both Zortrax support and from the UK reseller has not resolve our problems. Is it reasonable to say that the M300 Dual is a lemon, and that it is not worth purchasing, and that potential buyers are better off buying a first generation M300 printer (like mine, at home), or some other brand?

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Hello Miguel,

I see you have already reached us via support form. Our support agent will assist you until the case has been resolved.

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