M300 Dual Materials

The M300 starts to become a bigger disappointment time passing by. I backed the initial Kickstarter for Zortrax, owned an original M200, which after a tremendous amount of initial issues became a reliable work horse. Than I bought an M200 Plus, basically not worth the additional money. Moving to larger models decided to once again buy a Zortrax, the M300 Dual. What a disappointing experience. The support for both Zortrax and External materials is taking way to long, not even the initial feedback of making sure that material like Z-ABS can be used is solved. The arguments are utterly bull shit. The machine can technically handle the other materials as the M300 and M200 do. That ABS is not right for larger models is well known, a simple warning in Z-Suite would be sufficient, it has nothing to do with damage to the nozzle’s or extruders. Printing a larger amount of small models in ABS or other material would make it worthwhile to own a larger machine, next to the occasional large models.

After the latest updates to Z-Suite the external material profiles and files using them don’t work anymore, all result in can’t read file errors. Exactly the same profiles, files adjusted for the right printer all work!

Dear Zortrax management stop the commercial bull shit, make all the materials run on each machine, there is no technical or warranty issue whatsoever that this should take so long. Introducing another printer in Bristol doesn’t make you better while the other product have so many open issues.



Hi, Erik.

I’m sorry for your disappointment.

I can assure you - we’re working on printing materials profiles and we hope to add them soon.
Keep in mind that M300 Dual has a different extruder construction, so we need to find new settings for each material and it takes time.

As we’re working to add more printing material profiles, you can use Z-ULTRAT (for single mode) and Z-ULTRAT Plus (for dual mode), as both materials are based on ABS with additives. ABS-based profile in External materials mode is available too.

Regarding the update and files that don’t work anymore - could you send us some of them via support form? We’ll check it.

I use the z-suite 2 and i missed some materials like z-ultrax with support premium. Another idea will be the checkbox in the support material area of the z-suite to use the premium support with all material. Not only for special material like (z-petg, ultrax pro,…) in the actuell version of z-suite i can not choose material from other machines in combination with premium support material. This is a bug. And by the way, when i used premium support i want to change the setting of the support. In the actuall version it is blocked and i have no change to delete support structures, which i dont need.

Hello. Z-SUPPORT Premium can be used with specific materials only, this is not a bug. Also, support structures are not editable in the dual mode. However, thank you for your feedback - we will pass your suggestions further.

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