M300 Dual - Pausing during prints


Our M300 keeps stopping during prints and says the filament sensor is no detecting material.
There is material there, so not sure if this sensor can turned off ?
I’m using a large roll of HIPS and also tried on the smaller 800g rolls of ABS and had there same issue.



Hi @Mikeymikemike,

The material endstop could be malfunctioning. Please, try turning it off (working options -> ignore the material endstop -> on) and run a test print. If a test print goes fine then (providing that you do not run out the filament) - most likely the material endstop requires replacement.

Best regards,


Thanks Karolina, the print didn’t stop/pause during a 24hr print. so the End stop needs replacing.


Hi @Mikeymikemike,

thank you for the update and checking what I asked for. You can purchase a new endstop either from our online store or from your local Reseller.