M300 DUAL - Platform manual movement issue



Since several days we have an issue with manual movement (up and down) of the platform from menu on touch panel. While touching arrows in manual movement of the platform nothing is happening. Sometimes after reboot of printer, we can make one way movement. We’ve installed latest firmware which was sent from support with camera bug fix.



Hi Piotr,

Can you record a video showing the manual movement of the platform? Also, I believe you are unable to run autocalibration/start a print because of that?

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Seriously you would like to see while my finger touching the touchscreen to see no result on platform? Pls just believe me :slight_smile: While touching the screen arrow button is highlighting so is recognizing the touch. I discovered that sometimes if you’ll “touch” the arrow button x-times after one of them I can hear one step of motors. I can print and I can run auto calibration. Only manual platform maneuvers are not working.


Below issue from today, while printer gone to standby mode we was not able to wake up the printer. We had to turn off and turn on with the power button


Hi @Goniu

Is it still the FW you received from the support guys or you’ve installed a different one recently?

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Hi @Marcin_R

This is still FW which i received from support guys.




I’m checking this.

Anyway, we’re working on a new version and soon we’ll release it.

If there is a bug, we’ll fix it.

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