M300 dual problem after hotend module replacement (+ some more)

While replacing the printer nozzle, I accidentally touched the nozzle heater of the existing hotend and a short circuit occurred (with spark). Because of this, hotend could not be used, so I purchased a new hotend module (Hotend Module). (Buy 2)
It has been confirmed that heating and fan can be used, but the temperature of the hotend is recognized as 0 degrees, so excessive heat is generated.
Why is it not recognizing the temperature? In this case, which part should be replaced?

Addition 1) There was a warning that the temperature of the power supply was too high, so I checked the power supply, and it was confirmed that the temperature sensor was the problem, so I disconnected the temperature sensor.

Addition 2) A warning occurred that the temperature of the motherboard was too high, so I replaced the power plug and it was fine.


I understand the issue with the temeprature reading persists?

Did you try replacing the Extruder PCB and cable?

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