M300 Dual Probleme Nylon

Problème de l’impression sur cette imprimante du Nylon
La buse a été change tous les réglage sont OK plateforme + équilibrage …
Même j’ai acheté une nouvelle bobine pour voir si jamais … et sans résultat Le nylon ne sort pas correctement + blocage de matériau dans la buse ?
J’imprime sur la/le Beta 2.25.00

Hello @ZED,

are you printing with Z-NYLON or some external material? Could you provide the .zcodex file?

When was the last time you replaced the hotend module? Please note, it might be already clogged with material residues and Nylon cannot be extruded properly.

Please use English on the forum.

Best regards

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Nie znowu wymiana hotendu ile juz mozna
Ale tak to naprawde nie wiem bo z- flex idzie dobze,niewydaje mi sie .
Jakie materialy mozna drukowac tym samym hotend/em ?
Czy jest jakas lista bo wsumie dlaczego by nie niemiec dwa lub trzy hotend/y do danego materialu ?

Hi Zbigniew,

when was the last time you replaced the nozzle or hotend module? When exactly does the problem occur, do you have any pictures/videos showing how Nylon is being printed?

Since the Z-NYLON has a higher extrusion temperature than Z-FLEX - the filament might not be heated properly because of the heater’s malfunction.

As for the hotend - actually, you can print all filaments using one module. There is no need to have separate ones for different materials.

Moreover, since you are using Z-SUITE 2.25.0 Beta - I would suggest trying 2.26.0 stable version.

Corps71.zcodex2 (2.8 MB)

Nie mialem na mysli to ze z tym samym Hotend udalo mi sie wydrukowac z materialu Z-Flex ten model bez zadnego wiekszego problemu Gdyby hotend byl juz zuzyty (wytarty) to nawet z z-flexe nie byloby to mozliwe gdyz ten material jest najbardziej uczulony na czystosc hotend_a ,
Jaki jest linik do zciagniecia z-suite2.26.0 prosze ?
Mianowicie jak zwiekszylem teperature dyszy duzo wiecej jak jest to proponowane w wersi orginalnej druku ,przy wyboze externe maerial FLEX udalo mi sie wydrokowac ten model z Z-NYLON
Dlatego zglaszam wam muj problem do mojej drukarki ,wrecz innaczej nie wiem czy inni maja ten sam problem druku przy normalnym wyboze polecanym przez was w z-suite.
dziekuje za uwage

Corps71.zcodex2 (2.8 MB)

Hi Zbigniew,

we printed one of your models which went fine:

Also, we have not received similar reports from other users. You still might not face issues when printing Z-FLEX (230 °C) since it has lower extrusion temperature than Z-NYLON (260 °C), so if the heater is malfunctioning - Z-FLEX might still be working fine. However, without inspecting the device, or at least the hotend module - it is difficult to confirm the diagnosis remotely.

You can find all Z-SUITE versions here.

thanks for sharing the information