M300 Dual: Use second Nozzle not only for support material



we are often switching between different materials and it would be nice to be able to load a non support material in the second nozzle, so you can choose between two materials without changing the materials.
I would load a very common used material in the second nozzle to be always able to use this one without switching materials.

I hope Im not repeating anyones else request
Looking Forward to hear what you are thinking about this


Hello Philipp,

Thank you for your suggestion, I will pass it further.

Best regards,


Any progress in this topic? I can agree that function of nozzle B might be helpful with time saving in single mode, when we can have two different materials ready to print for ex. PLA for rapid prototyping and ASA Pro or other more dedicated for manufacturing purposes. I don’t have to swap the spool and i can remotely run the print with one of two materials whenever im not near to the printer.



The suggestion was already passed to our specialists - unfortunately, we do not have any update at the moment. However, they are constantly working on developing new functions, and they are aware of the fact that our users expect a possibility of loading the model material into the support material hotend.


So I’m looking forward for updates. This will be a big improvement.