M300 DUAL VS M200 printing speed


We received our brand new M300 DUAL and Im doing test.

The M300 DUAL is noticeably slower than the M200 printing ABS with a single module, I tried matching as close as possible the settings of the M200… what am I doing wrong ? I expected faster printing and better performance all around…

Also, I noticed that I can’t choose ABS-2 on the M300 unlike the M200, is it because by default its the ABS-2 or its indeed ABS-1 ?

Thanks for the help.

Edit for the files :
Test_Soluble_M200.zcode (2.6 MB)
Test_Soluble_m300.zcodex2 (895.5 KB)


while slicing a model for the M300 Dual - pay attention to Thin Walls Infill parameter that allows you to determine which walls in your model will be recognized as thin. The default setting is 3.13 mm for the M300 Dual (the walls will have denser and more durable infill, but the program will take more time to generate them - as a result, the print time will be increased). In order to have the print speed similar to the one of the M200 - tweak the parameter (for example set it to 2.13 mm) and compare the print time again. Also, in order to increase the print speed - you could set a higher layer thickness and lower infill level.

Z-ABS profile on the M300 Dual is dedicated for Z-ABS 1. However, you should be able to successfully print Z-ABS 2 using the same printing profile.

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Are you able to reach the same speed as the m200 ? Because I tried what you suggested and I can’t reach the same speed.

Of course we are not talking about layer height and density.

Lets say 0.2(0.19) layers and 30% density for both printer.

Could you please send me .stl file of your model so I can check it myself?

Yes absolutely.

Test_Soluble.stl (404.6 KB)