M300 Dual, Z-Petg stucks nozzle

Hi. We are having several problems win this printer and it’s only a 1 year old. Last one: it´s the second time that with z-petg stucks the nozzle. First time we put a piece of cleaner filament and works again, but now nothing. Filament stops and we ear the motor trying to push it even with hand but nothin happens, filament doesn´t run. Anyway, specifications sais that it have a MATERIAL JAM DETECTION SYSTEM but the message never has appeared. We are waiting to the dealer´s maintenance personal to repair it.

We have a Anet A8 (very very very cheap printer) and it´s more reliable and better finish of pieces than M300 Dual. We throw to the waste more pieces than good ones.

We have the last firmware and the last Z-Suite program.

Hi Jose,

please note that Z-PETG is a dense, heat sensitive material, thus it may clog the hotend module faster. The lifespan of particular components highly depends on the type of filaments you use most often, thus it might be high time you replaced the module with a new one (it is a consumable part).

As for the material jam detection system - please check if it has not been accidentally disabled (settings -> working options).

While facing any issues with the printer - please note that you can always contact us directly.

Best regards,