Hello I bought machine M300 Dual. Everything is installed, but i can not connect to WIFI. USB is inserted

Please can you help me

thank yiu

Hello Marek,

apart from the USB - have you plugged the Wi-Fi module (the port on the right side of the printer) as well? Please check this. Once this is done, follow the manual. You will also find useful information in the user guide.

Best regards,

Hello Karolina,

thank you for your answer :blush:

Yeah, I have plugged also WIFI modul (see on photo), but when I clicked on WIFI, I didnt see network. I also restarted the printer machine, but still the same.
Dont understand, because with other equipments, (laptop, mobile) I can find network

Also please can you advice me How i can install the latest Firmware from USB, becsaue by internet i can not for now as you know because of wi-fi :slight_smile:

Please can advise me

Hello Marek,

in order to install the update via USB - you need to download the update, unzip the folder and copy Update.zar2 file to the USB (this has to be the only update file on the drive). Insert the USB and turn the printer on - the update should be recognized automatically, then please refer to instructions shown on the screen.

Could you swap the USB drive with the Wi-Fi dongle (both ports work interchangeably) and check the network once again? I would also be grateful if you could set up a mobile hotspot and check if the printer detects it.

Best regards

Hi Carolina,

I tried other port, and now half of success, it finds some WIFI :slight_smile:
But not that one, which we use in company for external devices. Different devices mobiles, laptops can find it.

This WIFI is 5 GHz, can be issue with it ? Can 3D printer find 5 GHz WIFI ?

If yes, how we can fix it ?

I will really appreciate your help

Hello Marek,

no, unfortunately, the printers do not support 5GHz Wi-Fi.

Best regards