M300 Hot End not getting up to temperature

Good afternoon. I have an older M300 (~2800 hrs) which has had an issue of getting up to full temp for a long time. I have replaced the hot end, heater core and thermocouple twice without resolving the issue. It seems to run around 60 C lower than programmed. When loading filament it only goes to 182C and as I understand it, the loading program is 240C. I am taking measurements with a wired probe on the exterior surface of the hot end block. It is not throwing any errors and the system seems to think everything is fine. At 182C I cannot even load filament and anything I print must be run at 290C on the zortrax program to prevent clogging / stepper stuttering. Is this this a motherboard issue? The hot end board has been replaced within the last 6 months without any benefit to the problem. Please advise.

Hi @spencyg,

please note that the reading you took might not be adequate while checking the temperature on the outside of the hotend - it will be lower than it actually is inside the component. However, as you have already replaced the heater&thermocouple and hotend (please remember about their approximate lifetime) - the extruder cable or extruder PCB might be worn-out. We always replace the motherboard as a last resort, but you may inspect it (both sides) for any signs of damage. Also, check the extruder bearing.

What materials do you print with? Could you provide any video illustrating the problem?

Best regards