M300+ layer shifting


I have a problem with very weird layer shifting. It seems to shift maybe half a mm and than goes back to normal.

I print matrixes like this for a customer and it happens almost on every single one - haven’t noticed it on smaller prints. Luckily these don’t need to be super precise but it’s 100% not how a “pro-grade” printer should work!

I already made the matrixes thicker (~2cm) thinking it might be caused by vibrations of a printer and unstable model but it didn’t help at all.
Model takes 61h to print and first probles seem to have appeared about 1 day into a print.

Did anyone else encorunter such an issue? I must say its quite an unpleasent surprise… I have prusa nad creality printers which cost a fraction of M300+ and I don’t have issues like this with them.

Hot end and nozzle are brand new for this print, printer is all lubed up and in perfect condition - purchased in may 2021 and has done around 1200h priting.


Hi @3dSzczecin,

unfortunately, I am afraid the model is still a bit too thin, especially when taking into account its height. Thus, most likely vibrations are still affecting it.

Just in case you have not checked that yet - make sure the belts (both long and short ones) are equally tense. If necessary - tighten them. Also, you can try to reduce print speed a bit.

Best regards,