M300 plate getting uneven after a while?

Let's start with a question: Is there anyone else with an M300? Or am I all alone here?  :unsure:  :blink:

My M300 (1-2 month old) printed very well in the beginning but startet to have the following issues after a while and it's getting worse:

The middle area seems to sink, so the plate is not flat anymore. So if the nozzle tries to print in the outer areas of the plate (in some corner it's worse than in others) it almost touches the surface and this ends in extrusion-problems (the beloved clicking sound) and in a permanent slightly collision of nozzle and existing layer during normal movements. The results are heavy rattling and vibration on the hotend and finally the hotend will break (happend to me already once but Zortrax did kindly replace the hotend).

Support asked me to do axis maintenance, plate maintenance, setting axis blocks a little higher.... everything didn't help so far.

So I wondered if anybody here has an idea what to do? Afaik the z-axis does not dynamically move up and down during print to egalize unevenness of the print bed right?

So that means if the build plate/bed is no even anymore one has to change it right? Or was it a solution to put a small metal plate under the middel area?

Really sad... that's btw. one reason more I wanted to sell the machine... but 30x30x30 is just so cool and after the announcement from yesterday (Z-PLA and Z-suite 2.0) I decided to keep the machine a few days longer ;)

Thanks for any help or idea


I will now put a 0.08 mm Aluminum Tape below the plate in the center...

HAAAAA!!! It works... so this is the proof... the plate does deform... but it's easy fixable... so now let's get started with this z-suite 2 and Z-PLA ;)

I will now put a 0.08 mm Aluminum Tape below the plate in the center...

What size (x&y) piece of tape did you use photoholic?

My bed never levels perfectly either.... not quite as bad as yours but I always thought it was normal. Mines a M200 though. 

Anyway, I hope you have sorted out those issues with your printer now. 

Just a 1x1 inch patch in the middle did the trick... I guess approx something around 0.05-0.1 mm thin...