M300 plus bed temperature issue

I have an M300+ in my garage (15 °C). When a print finished and I try to start a new one after several hours of cool down, I get an error “Error #4:4 - Platfor heating plate: Heater failure”
I noticed that it indicate a bed temperature of 24 °C that is wrong. I measured temperature (IR) and it’s lower thant that. It’s like if bed sensor minimal measurable value was set to 24 °C and algorithm evaluate that bed heater doesn’t work.


Take a look at the specification for M300 Plus. The ambient operation temperature is 20-30° C. Because the ambient temperature is too low, and the heatbed has already cooled down - it does not reach its target temperature in a given time, which results in the #4:4 error.

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20 °C in a garage is too high. Please make a variable timeout depending on the start temperature. I was able to print perfectly at 5 °C, it’s boring to have to reboot every time for nothing.