M300 Plus doesn't boot

I have problems on booting my printer for the first time. When turning on the switch of the printer it doesn’t boot, I see nothing on the screen, only on the inside of the printer there’s a green light and the printer doesn’t stops beeping. Does anyone knows why it happens? :frowning:

I’m having same issue now.
Can Zortrax help with it?
I tried to remove usb drive and wifi and it trigger after several attempts, but usually trips printer out after a few hours or during printing.
Usually screen stays blank with white backlight on but cannot do anything. When rebooting, zortrax logo appears and goes blank again…
I checked all wires and have nothing loose, disconnected, worn or damaged.
I also changed extruder cable as after several attempts extruder cooling fan stopped working. But it didn’t help. Then I replaced extruder cooling fan itself, still nothing.
What else it could be?

I’d really appreciate Zortrax’s help here please.

Hi @BlueBoxGoblin,

Have you checked the connections on the motherboard and the Android PCB? Please try the steps from this manual:

I would be focused on uninstalling the signal adapter.
If it works, it works without the USB drive in, isn’t it?

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Thank you for your reply.
I returned from the holiday yesterday, so couldn’t get back to you quicker.
It seems like there was problem with 10pin connector or 10 pin loop.

I unplugged them and reconnected, and it works fine since last evening.
One of wires looked a bit loose, so I changed it. Also poured a bit of hot glue to keep them in place.
Do you have any spare 10pins? I could rewire it myself, but connectors themselves are hard to find anywhere (looks like custom made).

Many thanks

Thank you.

Hi @BlueBoxGoblin,

we are glad to hear you found a root of the problem.

If you would like to purchase the parts (LCD display through and/or the wire) - yes, they are available. Please, contact us via support form - we will provide you with necessary information.

Thank you.

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