M300 plus extruder board burnt



I don’t know what happen but the heater wire of my M300plus burnt. All the extruder board and wires are burnt and the cover is also dead.

I realy don’t understand what happen, maybe the thermocouple failed and the heater wanted to heat the hotend too much…

Is any body already have a problem like that?

In 100% cheap chinesse printer I could understand that this kind of problems can happen but no on something like Zortrax.

I will repair it but I am affraid to let it works during a night now…

This is not the first issue I have with it but this is the worst. This my 3rd Zortrax, I need one more but I am not sure to continu with Zortrax :confused:


:-1::-1: Dangerous !!!



Have you replaced recently anything that is connected to the Extruder PCB? The most probable cause is incorrectly connected the heater&thermocouple set.

Please contact me via PM, so we can sort out your problems.

Kind regards,

Marcin Rańczuch



no I didn’t replaced anything recently, before this problem.

I don’t know if this problem was caused by a failure around the pcb or if the failure in pcb zone was caused by a problem on the printing area (part which didn’t stick?).

But I repaired it in changing everythink now (3 fans, PCB, heater+sensor,hotend, ETC…).

The support sent me the parts I had to print and now it works well.