M300 Plus Screen Blank


Did Any body faced the M300 Plus Screen Blank problem.
After Power ON screen goes into blank screen.
We are predicting it is after the software update to latest on.



Can you record a video showing how the device boots up? Do you hear any sound then (for example the bottom fine), or the printer does not react at all? Also, does the LED strip inside the printer show any colour?

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I am having this problem after updating to 2.1.4 but at random times including boot up, during printing, loading filament and during just idling.


Hi, I m having the same problem:

Video: https://mega.nz/file/ThNSWYrZ#uHXMkLIkqtUJmzWLrteGeSomXMH0MvPndqLwy4IwwEY

What could it be?

The firmware versione is 2.2.4


I was having the same problem,. Just confirm remove the USB connection cable from Main display board. if that resolves the issue I will suggest further procedure .



Please remove the USB and WiFi dongle (if your printer has the external port) - does the same thing happen when you turn the printer on then?

It would be good to check the connections on the motherboard and Android PCB - as Rahul suggested, check the LCD cable connecting the motherboard with the Android. Also, make sure the screw securing the LCD transfer board (on the motherboard) is tight.

If there is no result - contact either your reseller or reach our support department via support form. We will provide further help then.

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Thanks Karolina, I solved. The problem was the WiFi dongle, when I removed it from motherborad the printer has started working again. Zortrax should provide a better WiFi dongle. XD


thanks for suggestion



I am glad to hear you found a root of the problem. Just to make sure - what exactly did you remove from the motherboard? As the WiFi dongle is located at the side of the device.

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I have the same issue. When I restart the machine it does it and after many tries like +5 it sometimes comes back. I will try pulling the wifi dongle on the side.



If you are still facing the issue - please contact your reseller or fill in the support form so we can provide further help.

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Hi Karolina,
I have removed the wifi dongle at the side of the device. I noticed that when the screen goes blank, the wifi dongle is overheated. Anybody have found the same thing?

Is it issue of motherbaord or wifi Dongle? If i connect the wifi dongle at pc , it works fine.

Can you explain me this failures, what they are due?

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Thank you for checking what I asked for. For further troubleshooting, please, contact us via support form so we can look further into the matter and provide a solution.

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Hi rahul,
The machine works without wifi dongle. I tried with new wifi dongle, but the failure persists. Can you give me more information about connection cable from main display board?

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Hi guys,
I am glad to inform you that I have definitively solved the blank screen problem. The cause was the ground wire on the front panel board. The screw was slightly unscrewed, this caused an unstable current flow, which caused the wifi dongle to overheat and consequently block the machine. See you again, good evening


Hi everyone,

Thank you pmtc for you tip ! I had the same problem with the same symptoms and your solution seemed to have worked for me.
The screw you mentioned was not set straight, it was leaning on the side because it was not long enough to remain straight when screwed. I replaced it by a slightly longer screw (M3x6mm instead of M3x4mm) to solve the problem.

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