M300+ touchscreen hangs


Hey there, new user here, nice to meet you all! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve just received my new M300 Plus few days ago and, after the first print, here’s an issue!

Touchscreen doesn’t respond properly to commands, especially DURING and AFTER a print. At least, it does, but in a very unpredictable way. Tapping on the same items now works, after a couple of seconds doesn’t.

Once any print is complete, screen seems to freeze (even when pressing the physical button), and it’s impossible to press any of the two “print again” and “done” soft buttons. I can only turn off the printer…

Resume a print from a scheduled pause is an hassle: it works ONLY by pressing the physical button and with no feedback on the screen but after 5-10 minutes.

I’ve tried many different test scenarios so far, connecting/disconnecting from LAN, printing via InCloud, Z-Suite (2.20) or from USB only, upgrading the preloaded (and outdated) 2.5.2 firmware to 2.5.6, then downgrading it again to 2.5.2 …

No way.

Now, just a guess, but this out-of-control touchscreen seems to show after few minutes from printer’s power on, as if it were someway affected by heat (or just by “use”).

Hopefully, to add some useful information, I can tell you after the first print ever (preloaded zcodex “gyro”), printer hung saying something about a “communication issue with GUI”. After that, it entered the Failsafe #1716 state. From that moment on, issues with the screen happened every single day.

Any help appreciated.
I can provide pics and videos, if needed.

It’s frustrating to deal with quite relevant issues after less then a week of use and for such an expensive printer (oh, and by the way, is it normal that a brand new machine shows “4h 35m” in the “printing time” section, just out of the box?!?).

Thanks, bye :wave:t2: