M300 vs. M200

Okay... meanwhile I own an M200 and an M300. Following a short list of noteworthy experiences (just my opinion):

  • both machines are absolutely well built... the solid frame does the trick
  • the M200 is faster and a little more accurate
  • the M200 is noisier (the base fan-noise of the M300 is louder but concerning the printing noises the M200 wins (or looses ;))
  • the M300 does stringing when printing Z-PETG and Z-ULTRAT
  • the M200 prints Z-ULTRAT absolutely perfect without stringing
  • the spoolholder of the M200 is a joke
  • the spoolholder of the M300 is great... the spoolholder concept even greater
  • both printers leave burn-marks on the print now and then (and that sucks really)
  • Z-suite is blazing slow in both cases ;) > yesterday I sliced a self modeled slug with 600'000 polys > took 8 minutes (simplify3d did the job in 11 seconds)

Well I think the combination of those 2 machines is just perfect. Being able to swap parts, printing large objects with the M300 while printing the smaller ones with the M200 at the same time works perfect for me.

Zortrax keep it up... eliminate those few hard- and softwarebugs and you will reach mount olympus of 3d printing very soon

Well... actually I was wrong... Z-ULTRAT is also stringing on M200... I guess that should only be retraction that needs to get a little corrected right? Why not just fix this Zortrax? Seriously...

Today I discovered another difference. It seems to me the autocalibration sets the distancs between nozzle and bed smaller on the M300... first layer looks always very squished and on the M200 so nice and perfect...

Sorry for thread jacking but I felt there was no reason to start another topic.

Loving my m200 now with the z-suit update allowing for some tuning. I have reached a point where I need the larger build volume so knowing the quality of the m200 the m300 seems like the route to go. So now with the new z-suit you can jump the temps up on the m300 to use filament such as abs which is great but im confused about that. If its safe (hardware side) to run the hotter temps then why did you (zortrax) not have the hotter profiles such as abs from the beginning? I assumed that the m200 was running a slightly different hot end vs the m300 which allowed hotter temps, or was this all a sales gimmick to level the playing field to sell all models? Long ramble short, could I run 270c-290c temps on the m300 all day, everyday safely? 

the hotends v2 are absolutely the same on M200 and M300

the hotends v2 are absolutely the same on M200 and M300

well as far as I examined it on my M200 and M300 :)