M300+ White Z-HIPS coming out yellow



I bought my M300+ a while back now but never really used it. Managed to print out 2 benchies, 2 figure models - all came out quite nice using white Z-HIPS. Then wanted to test other settings (higher resolution) and noticed that print came out quite yellow with very distinct stronger yellow stripes. Tested it several times and all coming out yellow now. I have never used other filament, filament is kept in a sealed vacuum bag together with silica gel dehumidifier bags in a home temperature around 22 degrees. The printer only has around 30 hours of use so really like new. Any idea what that might be ? To me it seems like it could either be:

  • hot end problem - perhaps providing to high temperature ?
  • problem with a fan ?
  • dirty hot end ?
    To be honest, I am sceptic about the last one as the printer has only about 30 hours of use and I never used any other filament apart from white Z-HIPS. Is there any way I could test what the real fault might be ? Is there a preferred way to try to clean the hot end ?

I attach a picture showing one of the very first printouts from the printer (benchy) which seems to be OK and other printout which is yellow.

Many thanks,


Hi Adrian,

Do you have some other material you could test? We would then make sure whether there might be a hardware-related issue or the filament has some manufacturing defect. However, the heater&thermcouple might be at fault, thus as the printer is new - please contact either your reseller or our support team directly. Also, I would recommend making sure all cables are firmly plugged into the extruder PCB and that the screws securing the heater&thermocouple in the hotend are tight. Also, run the fan test in the menu to make sure all fans are operational.

Best regards,