M300dual print layers too small

I’m loving the m300 dual I’ve just purchased its dual or single functionality is great
but why why why is the layer height at its coarsest only 0.2??
it takes forever to print a model
I’ve just loaded up a model and the preview has given me a 74 hr print time!! I have 20 similar models to print…aghh
its not even a particularly big model …this is ludicrous… life’s too short to wait 72 hrs for a simple bloody print… especially in my industry(film production models)
its insane please can you add .3 and .4 or .5 layer heights ???

Z-SUITE for M300 Dual is constantly being developed, and new layer heights will be introduced soon.

Your suggestions have been passed to our R&D team and they noted them.

well please make them coarser not finer!

please can zortrax increase layer height for m300 dual even if its just in single extruder mode as printing anything of any size takes forever I recently loaded a file approx. 200mm tall and it came up with a print time of 84 hrs… this is insane… no one has that amout of time to wait for a simple print
what is the point of having a larger capacity machine if you cant print anything well within its capacity as it takes sooooo long
please sort this out give us thicker layer height of .4 or .5


No need to duplicate the topics.
I’ve passed your suggestion to our specialists and they’re aware that users would like to have higher layer thicknesses available.
We’re working to implement it as soon as possible.

Yes the same problem with me, as an engineer, I am really unsatisfied by not be able to speed up the process:
0.3Layer height and 200% printing speed.
For a printer that is worth 5k, we should be able to develop our prototypes as fast as we want.
On the other hand, those prints could be worse quality, but, if you put that into the advance mode, those who will change, they will know, that that’s possible result, less detailed print.

Looking forward to this update.

Marta can you give us any dates when suld we expect that?


With the newest firmware and software update - we have introduced 0.6 mm nozzle and 0.3/0.4 mm layer thickness on M300 Dual (Ultrat material).

Still, we are constantly working on providing new options. Thank you for your suggestions, though - our specialists will surely take them into consideration.