Ma buse cogne contre le plateau de ma M.200

je possède un M.200 qui marchait bien jusqu’à maintenant mais depuis pas longtemps quand je lance une impression, la buse de l’imprimante cogne contre le plateau sans s’arrêter et l’imprimante plante.

Merci d’avance


the problem is most often caused by a dirty nozzle (you can srcub its tip with sandpaper), damaged small connector on the perforated plate, worn-out thermocouple. Over here you will find the troubleshooting manual showing what exactly you need to check.

Also, ensure that the nozzle actually hit the calibration square, not a part of the platform next to it - otherwise, the problem may be caused by misaligned axes.

Of course, ensure that all the components are firmly plugged into the extruder cable, check the screws securing the heater&thermocouple in the hotend, check the heatbed cable/connection etc.

Best regards

Hi Caroline,
Thanks you very much for your answer
I will check everything you told me