Machine don't boot / Motherboard dead?

My M300+ won’t boot, no LEDs light up, screenplay does no light up and no fan works, you can just hear the power supply clicking inside wen I turn on or off, I can’t link a videos here but I can send it to you).

I measured the current on the power supply, I have 230v on input and 2X 24v on output. On the motherboard input terminals, and got 24v on both, but nothing moved or lit up (see photos 2_MB_Pintest1&2).

I have make the GUI PCB-Motherboard Connection Problem but no results.

I have already opened 2 support forms since 15/01/2024 with no response.
Support Form: Machine don't boot[031120]
Support Form: Motherboard dead[031138]

Do you think this means that the motherboard is out of order?
Is it possible to buy a new one from you?

Thanks for your answer.
Kind Regards.

Have you been able to process my application?
Thank you for your reply

Hello Quentin,

we apologize for a lack of response. When it comes to technical issues, we encourage to contact us directly via support form, which you already did. This is the fastest way of receiving further support.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards