Maintenance and Zsuite.

Hello friends.

Good afternoon.

I have a M200 and I use it a lot.

Normally … what routine maintenance relizais frequently?

In my case:

Change and cleaning nozzle .

Clean warm bed.

I check screw fasteners .

Anything else?

On the other hand … Zortrax have in your "download " several versions of the firmware and Zsuite …

What is the FW and Zsuite correct?

Always the last ?

Best Regards!!

[url=]There you go :)[/url]

have you a CE Certifikate for Download ?

Buy some spare belts .

I broke yesterday the one of the X axis and I guess I have use 7 spools of ABS in 18 months .

You can find quality GT2 belts for 1/6 of the price that Zortrax resellers (8 Euro) ask and  1/20 of that price , 0,40 $, for standard (China) GT2 belts.

Zortrax’s belt is the best quality : Gates !

I’ve bought some chinese belt for my ultimaker and i’ve received for that i’ve paid !

I bought some other spare Gates belts from Misumi Europe, 4 euro for the 202, 5,70 for the long one, 606, without Vat but free shipping.

CE certificates. 

ok thanks