Mars Co Diarama rail road tourist

Wanted to make a Diarama of a rail road scene.  I've made this Animation so each of the pieces can be printed.  Here's the animation and I'll show prints as I make them.  Won't obviously look like the animation but wanted to have an 3D animation and a 3D print of the same shot just for grins.

This is a wip and look of a short animation film I may attempt.



Wow, very nice! Are there real models in the film or is everything animated?

Thank you Motordude.  This is all animated in Maya.  I've decided to make my layout of this about 5-6 feet long in HO scale and will be about 18in deep so I can mount the final diorama to my wall.

Still deciding on track layout and which portion to slice lengthwise of the train and rr track but I will post significant prints of this as I make them.

impressive. Post your work here, we can use it as a user story and post it somewhere if thats fine with you. 

Thanks Marcin,  Sure.