Massive layer shift

after about 10 hours into a big print just had a massive layer shift on m300 dual
single extrusion z utrat plus
the print has moved out of place by about 4" !!!
I heard a clunk noise from the machine but thought nothing of it… this is obviously when it went out of position … it sounded like the head hit the frame ?!

the machine is calibrated all the rails are oiled and free moving
I then ran the axis check tool … it completed that and said machine will run at regular speed … what do I do now ?? I need to run an 80 hour print but cant start it and waste loads of z ultrat plus if its going to go out of alignment again

this is running z suite beta but hae had exactly the same problem before with the most updated non beta z suite… and yes the firmware is the current February released one
please advise

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on advise from zortrax have swapped around motors… retensioned belts etc … next model I printed was fine… then the most recent…agh .there it is again layer shift… same axis
agh! put same model through m200 plus …printed fine


Please, contact us via support form. We will provide you with further help.

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I have been experiencing the exact issue. I hear a clunk when I do a axis check. sometimes when its printing.

My only guesses are:

  1. Power drop for an instant to one or more motors. My shift was diagonal. So that to me is strange.
  2. The machine is having trouble calculating a multi axis move at high speeds. It may only happen when the memory/processor is being used up at a particular time and has been missed by the programmer.
    3)Axis binding, this is likely. The provided grease is an issue. Get rid of all of it. Wipe it off. Clean the rails. Move the head back and forth a million times and clean the rails.
    Then use very light silicon lubricant oil. I’ve been using pneumatic tool oil and the more I clean the grease off and add this, the less I am having layer shift issues.

The reason I cannot commit to any one of these is because I am trying multiple things at the same time to remedy the issue. Axis checks, recalibration, tightening screws, checking plugs, changing settings in the print setup. You name it, I’ve been chasing this disaster of a printer for a month. Piles of failed parts.

I am even trying to not have multiple separate parts running at the same time. I also stopped using the second print head to eliminate that possibility. Sucks but I have a job that needs to get done.

At the end of the day, I’m leaning axis lubrication. I’m on my 3rd print now with no issues. If this works again, I may add in the second support material head and give it another try. I will keep adding functions back until I am comfortable thinking it was axis lube. I read it on a few threads already so this is a real thing. They all say get the grease off and don’t use it.

The future of my machine is replacing the stepper motors with servo motors. I have an idea!

Hi @vanroyb,

I am terribly sorry to hear about the issues you are facing. However, I believe you have not contacted our support department directly yet Thus, please fill in the support form, provide some pictures of failed prints, videos showing how the extruder moves along the axes etc., so we can assist you until the case is resolved. If necessary - we will collect the printer to our facility to check everything thoroughly and ensure the device is fully operational before sending it back to you.

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