Material advice!

Hello all, I am going to print a thin walled object with snap fit interlocking. If I were to machine it, I would use either POM or Nylon. Are there any materials, also non-Z ones, that may fit the bill? Are there any materials for 3D printing where layer delamination is not an issue and are equally strong in all directions?


John Tangerås

Nylon, but keep it dry or it will delaminate, otherwise it can be very strong and flexible.

There are a number of nylons available, with varying properties. My favorite is Taulman PCTPE - it prints easily, is quite strong, doesn't warp much, and has a nice amount of flex for many applications, depending on geometry, infill, etc. Might be too much flex for some applications, though. I'm not a big fan of 618/645/Bridge. They warp like crazy and tend to delaminate in some geometries.

Julia and Drew, thanks for your response! I will try out PCTPE and see hoe it works when the time comes.