Material Endstop False Detection

I am experiencing a very annoying issue with my M200 Plus bought in september.
Lately the printer as started to automatically pause because the printer falsely detects no material in the endstop, even if material is correctly loaded. I just have to resume the print, but it’s a waste of time considering that i print mostly overnight.
This is very annoying, the material endstop isn’t a consumable part and should work properly with no fails, especially in a printer that’s only 5 months old.

Is there any solutions to the problem? How should I proceed?

The filament end detector of your M200 Plus is damaged.
I had the same problem and I had to replace that component.
Open a support ticket with Zortrax and if your printer is covered by warranty they will send you a new material end detector.


Please contact the reseller from whom you purchased the device and ask for a spare material endstop. If they do not have the part in stock - let us know via support form.

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Check to see if the filament has worn its own path. I filled this with super glue and haven’t had a problem since