Material extruding out of top of the hotend V3


I have simply opened a new Topic, because I have not found my concern here yet.

My printer is relatively new, I have printed 140 hours so far, first hotent, first nozzle

My problem: a few days ago melted plastic started to squeeze out material at the top of the hot end. I disassembled the hotend and noticed that the mounting plate that fixes the extruder pipe to the heating block is slightly curved, leading to a gap where Material can escape. Where can this come from?

I cleaned the hotend and the nozzle in acetone and removed all residues, but there is still material leaking from the upper end of the hot end, which burns after a short time and creates an unpleasant smell.


Hi, so this was the first time you had removed the hotend from the block, right? This could be a manufacturing defect. Please, fill in the support form, attach a purchase invoice and a picture of the count of hours.


Hi Karolina,

thank you very much for your fast response. Yes, this was the first time I removed the hotend from the printer and the hotend from the heaterblock.

I only printed Z-ULTRAT and Z-ASA so far and never had the need to do any maintenance on the hotend/ the nozzle, besides from cleaning the nozzle.

I will fill a support file, thank you very much!



Hi Claudio,

We have got your support form, thank you for your understanding :slight_smile:


Hi this has happened to me 3 or four times. I have bought 5 hotends since buying my m200…


Hi, me to after 300h of printing:(