Material recommendation for printing "dumb" designed furniture foot.

Hi everybody!

Which material would you recommend for printing a replacement plastic part for a "dumb" designed furniture foot?

I basically got 4 furniture feet from the local hobby store, they contain of a 5x5x15cm square aluminium tube with a plastic cap at the bottom

and a 8x8cm plastic plate with holes for 4 screws that has a 5x5x3cm pressure fit "cube / insert" that slots into the the aluminium tube at the top.

Should be good for up to 50kg pressure, problem is this thing is only good for standing.. not for moving your furniture around or angling it.

Means a moderate shearing force on a lever of 15cm and the plastic of the base-plate broke in parts.

So which material would survive the 5minutes of moving the furniture in place?





I was thinking Z-PETG or maybe Z-ESD ?

(The injection molded part was also done with a bit of plastic saving, so maybe just printing the base plate solid would do the trick.)



P.S.: Yes i should have gone for the full-metal round variant... The alarm bells should have gone on when this was called "design" furniture feet.

Edit: Added Fotos...

*bump* Managed to add some Fotos. Looks like nobody was able to make sense out of my description and the ASCII-Art :)

Without beeing a Zortrax Material pro I would probably try ULTRAT or PC-ABS.

If the PLA sticks with the PLA profile on the M300, maybe try the Innofil PLA Pro ( : it is very tough and rigid.

Thanks for the tips. Still not sure about the material. I was thinking about something with high flexural strength.

So Z-PCABS or Z-PLAPro in theory, though the first one is maybe not so good due to the high shrinkage and neither of them are available in Black.

Couldn't find the Innofil PLA Pro though... There is a PRO1 in black and the bog standard PLA. Not sure if many people tried printing with 3rd party PLA yet with

standard V2 Hotend and Z-Suite 1.11.1 .. Saw some posts about issues with too low initial layer height.

PolyMax feet have been holding up an 80kg workbench in my shop for well over a year.


Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 6.32.31 PM.png

Just did a testprint with Z-Glass, felt really durable as well!

Well i managed to break of one mounting hole with my bare hands when i printed with Z-PETG and Medium infill as a test.

I guess i will go ahead anyway and print this 4 times with Z-PETG and Maximum Infill and then recruit the neighbors to help me put the furniture up

to avoid angling it on two legs and having the full weight of the bookcase as flexing force on them.

Note to myself: Next time buy the 400kg/feet variant... Ah well you life and learn.