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Hi everyone, 

I need some recommendation on what material would be suitable for a part that I need to make. I need to make a clutch cable guide clip(Two of them) and they both go right on top of my valve cover on my engine. What material would guys recommend that can withstand high temperatures? I feel like ASA would be good enough as well as ULTRAT, but I’m not sure if they would start melting or just soften up. I doubt they would melt though. Anyways what material do you guys recommend on using? 

You can certainly use the Polymaker COPA : it resists up to 180 ° !

I test this filament for a few weeks with the M200 : no problem to use it. This material is very rigid, seems unbreakable and has all the properties of nylon (I understand that it is a mixture of nylon 6 and 6.6).

No deformation ; a little stringing (not a lot).

Raft sometimes difficult to remove from the board : personally, first, I remove the object of the printer and then, I remove the raft from the board.

You must leave a large gap between the first layer of the object and the raft (0.33 to 0.40), otherwise it is not possible to remove the object !

But the base of the object is then quite rough.

The filament looks very much like the Taulman ALLOY 910, but I think it’s better (the TAULMAN has warping).

The ASA filament melts slightly from a temperature of +/- 90 °: but it is easier to use than COPA.

Another solution : the PLA HT of the printer manufacturer BIG REP (not yet tested with the M200 but work fine on a Witbox with heated bed) : it resists up to 110 ° (I printed parts to hold the hot plate of my other printer that heats up to 100 °): no problem for 1 year  !

My print  settings for COPA :

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I'll have to do a bit of research on Polymaker COPA. I'm curious to know how hygroscopic it is since I know Nylon tends to be extremely hygroscopic. You have me very interested in the material though. 

Edit: Do you know if I need to use a separate print bed for this? I read that for Nylon based filaments you usually do no want to print on the same bed as standard materials such as ABS, ULTRA, ASA, PETG etc. because otherwise it won't stick on to the bed because of the left over residue of previous prints on other materials. Not sure how true that is. 

I print a filament or another filament but I scratch the small residues between each impression and my plate always hangs perfectly.


With the COPA, the raft hangs perfectly on the standard perforated aluminum plate of the Zortrax and the object hangs perfectly on the raft : you must even increase the gap between the raft (0,33 to 0,40mm) and the first layer of the object (possible in Z-suite V2.3), otherwise it is not possible to detach them from each other !


So far, I have not had any problems with humidity: my wooden house is permanently dry (at least I hope so!)

If you need a part which can withstand high temperatures - you should use Z-PCABS.

If you need a part which can withstand high temperatures - you should use Z-PCABS.

Now only if you could make it in black. I'll have to paint my Z-PCABS with high temp paint. I think I might do Z-PCABS though for now since it's a filament I currently have. 


Can you please help me find a right material for manufacturing jigs and fixtures? These fixtures are used in assembly process and exposed to high mechanical impacts. Thanks

If you need a part which can withstand high temperatures - you should use Z-PCABS.

It is not in Z-Suite available (Mac Version). I need Material 110-120C°